Fluit Family Farms

TwomountainsFluitFarmWe are a small family farm located in the beautiful high mountain Wallowa Valley in North East Oregon. We grow certified organic grass, hay, and small grains and raise grass fed and finished beef and heirloom Large Black pigs.

The breed of our cows are Rotokawa Devons from New Zealand. They are bred to thrive on organic grasses and forbs and have not had any grain in their ancestry for over 75 years.

Our Heritage Large Black pigs are grown on our organic pastures and grains. Our family also raise. Freedom Ranger chickens and Bronze Breasted Turkeys for our own use with the help of good friends.

We also use Biodynamic methods on our farm.  We believe you will find Fluit Family Farm’s beef and pork to be healthy and delicious!

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